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Lighthouse Sunray Tea pot

Lighthouse Sunray Tea pot

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πŸŒ… **Radiant Lighthouse Sunrise Teapot** πŸŒ…

Welcome to a whimsical world where the sun always rises with a smile and lighthouses guide your tea-time adventures! This brand-new, limited-edition ceramic teapot channels the legendary Clarice Cliff style and is a quirky collectible waiting just for you.

**Why This Teapot Is a Must-Have:**
- 🌞 **Sunrise Magic:** Start your day with a burst of sunshine and the comforting glow of a lighthouse on the horizon.
- 🎨 **Clarice Cliff-Inspired:** If you're a fan of Clarice Cliff's unique and vibrant designs, you'll love this playful homage.
- πŸŽ‰ **Brand New & Limited:** With only a handful available, this teapot is destined to become a coveted collectible among enthusiasts.

**Perfect for:**
- β˜• **Tea Lovers:** Elevate your tea-drinking experience with this teapot that doubles as art.
- 🎁 **Gift Giving:** Surprise a loved one with a gift that's as unique as they are.
- 🏑 **Home Decor:** Add a pop of color and charm to your kitchen or dining space.

- 🏠 **Home Sweet Home:** Made with love, this teapot will make your home feel cozier than ever.
- 🍡 **Perfectly Practical:** Not just a work of art, it's also a functional teapot, ready to brew your favorite blends.
- β˜• **2 cups to share.** Dimensions: Height approximately 14cm or 5.5 inches. Maximum width 20cm or 8 inches. Thickness or depth is approximately 9cm or 3.5 inches. Capacity is approx 2 cups

This teapot is more than just a vessel for your tea; it's a work of art, a conversation piece, and a dash of morning joy. The limited numbers mean it's your chance to own something truly special. Don't miss out on this Clarice Cliff-inspired masterpiece that's sure to brighten your day and become a cherished collectible in your home.

πŸŒ… **Sunrise Teapot:** A quirky, colorful addition to your life that promises countless sips of joy. Seize the moment, and let this lighthouse guide your tea-time adventures. 🍡🏠🌈

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