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Frequently Asked Questions about SANDS Red Nose Walk to Remember T Shirts

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.  If you have any queries or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us via PM on Facebook or Instagram or via email.

What is I make an error in my personalisation?

After you place your order and have put your name in for personalisation we email you a copy of the Proof.  This is a picture with your personalisation within the design.  We appreciate your prompt response to this email so please keep an eye on your inbox.  If there are any amendments, with spelling, capitalisation, wording (sometimes when you see the name you may want to add or subtract a surname etc) just let us know and we will send a new updated Proof.  The proof is sent out within 72 hours of your order so please let us know if you can't find it within this time frame and we will resend.  If we do not get a response within 3 days we resend then if still no response we will print as per your order form. 

What if I don't like the font?

Just let us know, sometimes combinations of letters may not read easily or you simply don't like it - that's perfectly fine, how boring if we all liked the same things 😊 Just let us know once you see the proof and we will work together to ensure you are happy prior to printing. 

What is the process after I order?

As above, once you place your order we will do a mock up of the back personalised design. This is so you have the opportunity to approve your chosen personalisation, check for any errors in spelling etc prior to us printing.  Once we receive your approval we will then print your shirt if we have the blank Tshirt in stock, or order from our supplier.  Once printed you will receive a tracking number via our website to show that your order is on its way via Australia Post.  Australia Post generally update tracking within 24hours of us sending it.  You do have the option to go onto the Australia Post app on a phone or website to add the tracking number to your watch list for notifications.

How long will it be between ordering and receiving my order?

Over 90% of our orders are actually sent out within two business days once Proof has been approved.  We aim to have your order out to you within five business days of ordering.    Once item is posted from our offices in the Northern Rivers of NSW we do a hope, a wish and a prayer that it arrives promptly and safely to you 

What if I don't want to put a name?

That is perfectly fine.  If there is no name added we will amend the design slightly to close up the design to ensure it remains balanced.

What if I want to put multiple names?

That is perfectly fine.  We may need to amend design slightly to pop names onto multiple lines to ensure it remains balanced and legible.

Can I use different baby names on one order?

Yes - we will send separate proofs for each baby name.  

I'm not sure on my sizing ?

We suggest you find your most favouritest of favourite shirts - that fits you comfortably, for some this may be tight for others it may be loose... lay it flat on a table or flat surface and use a tape measure to measure across the sections as shown below.   Then use these measurements on the sizing chart to work out best size.  Some smaller females may even find they need to pop into the Kids sizing as these shirts are a Unisex size and ample yet please allow for bust sizing.  Any queries please contact us prior to ordering.   If you think you are between sizes we can send a photo showing each size on top of each other so you can visibly guage the difference.

Sizing charts below... 

Can I put generic wording such as 'All the Angel Babies' or similar?


Can I leave the personalisation blank?

Perfectly fine. 

Can I have my shirts delivered to a Parcel Locker or Post Office Box?

Yes, we are huge fans of Parcel lockers - if you don't know about these magical inventions check out our recent blog post under the Random Giggles tab. 

What happens if my parcel goes missing? 

Once it leaves our hands Australia Post is responsible for your parcel.  As above we have added hopes, wishes and prayers for its safe delivery yet if it doesn't show up or is shown as delivered yet you can't find it please reach out to Australia Post with the tracking number.  Occasionally they will hide it in a random place on your property yet they do take a photo so can generally find it.  Feel free to keep us in the loop though as we will help in whatever way we can. We recommend downloading the Shop App and or the Australia Post App.  They will send you automatic notifications and updates on where your parcel is and when it is due to arrive. 

When is the Walk to Remember in my area?

Keep up to date with Walk to Remember locations and dates on the Sands and Red Nose Australia Websites and Social Media Pages. We will also post updates on closing dates for each area as they come close.