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Zoolanders are taking over the world !!!

Hold onto your hats, folks! The Derek Zoolander Run Group just nabbed second place for the largest run group in Parkrun Australia, and the excitement is palpable!


Yes, you read that right—Zoolander, as in the fashion icon who made "Blue Steel" a thing. Picture a pack of stylish runners strutting their stuff, bringing a whole new level of glam to the track throwing up their gang Z signs as they pass the parkrun photographers. 

What's their secret sauce? It's a mix of style, camaraderie, and a healthy dose of humor. But they're not stopping at silver—they've got their sights set on the top spot, aiming to outrun even Running Mums Australia the current leaders. With their determination and flair, who knows what fabulousness they'll bring to the finish line next?

Stay tuned, because the Zoolander Run Group is just getting started!

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