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The day I learnt to Blue Steel like a champion...

Sometimes I think having favourite products is like having a favourite child - it can often be frowned upon.  Yet, from all the shirts we print we have favourites for different reasons. 

Our favourite running shirt will always be the Zoolander shirts.  It was 2014 that, after a boozy night on the internet, I won an entry through SKINS compression wear for the SMH half marathon (21.1km)  in Sydney.  At that time I had only ever run a total of 3km at a time.  I trained by fat butt off and had the most incredible experience.  

Around the 13km mark where my legs were starting to tell me that I was a stupid old broken backed lady that had no right to be running and should just sit this one out... I read the back of a runners shirt in front of me "Derek Zoolander Centre for Kids that can't run good and who wanna learn to do other stuff good too"  it was then that I realised - I had found my tribe.... 

As soon as I finished I jumped onto Facebook and found the Zoolander running group.  There are no membership fees you simply need to have a great sense of humour, be able to configure your fingers whilst running into the Z - zoolander sign, blue steel for the course photographers and basically be really ridiculously good looking. 

We have loved producing shirts for people across Australia and even over to USA.  I still smirk when I see a Zoolander running in the wild and - to me - that is what running should be about. 

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