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Red Nose Walk to Remembers

In a heartwarming union, two of Australia's leading charitable organisations, Red Nose Australia and Sands Australia, have merged to create a stronger support network for families navigating the challenging path of pregnancy and infant loss. This collaboration aims to provide enhanced services and a united front in helping individuals and families cope with the profound grief of losing a child.

One of the impactful initiatives arising from this merger is the upcoming series of "Walk to Remember" events set to take place across Australia. These events hold a special place in the hearts of those who have experienced the unimaginable pain of losing a baby. Walking side by side, families, friends, and supporters will come together to remember and celebrate the lives of these precious angels.

These walks are not only a commemoration but also a statement of unity and strength. They provide a safe and compassionate space for participants to share their stories, find solace in each other's presence, and raise awareness about the journey of grief that many families undertake.

To find more details about these poignant events and how you can participate, visit Red Nose Australia's official website.

Let's join hands and hearts to remember, honor, and cherish the lives that continue to impact us, even if they're no longer with us physically. Together, we can provide comfort and understanding to those who need it most and foster a community of support that helps heal wounded hearts.

We here at A Cut Above Byron remember all the little lives lost including our own special Angel Emma-Leigh 💜

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