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Parcel Delivery Tips from an avid online shopper


To be fair ... a lot of our online shopping is for business yet mainly it is due to the convenience of being able to jump online at any time of the day or night for a bit of add-to-cart.  

We are in a regional area which was hit hard with the flooding of late February and still has a community trying to recover.  One part of this recovery is the lack of available Australia Post Contractors.  We used to have 5 times weekly deliveries of all our snail mail plus parcels.  We now have to venture the 5km to town to collect our parcels - not a huge deal in the scheme of things yet can take up some time due to standing in line waiting for service.

That was prior to discovering the magic that is an Australia Post parcel locker ! This completely free service is available a many post offices.  You sign up via the Australia Post Online website form or their app.  Basic ID info is all that is required then you will get a parcel locker number.  Each time you put your address online for a delivery simply use the parcel locker details, including the post office address.  Once your parcel arrives at the post office the staff will place it within one of the lockers and you will receive notification via text and or email.  The notification will have a code.  Skip merrily to the Parcel locker with the joy that you don't have to line up inside the post office to await your turn.  You can also go at any time day or night to collect regardless of the Post Offices opening hours.  There is a time limit on how long you do have from time of notification to collect your parcel .. usually 48hours.  If you are unable to collect from the parcel locker within that time you will need to head into the line to collect over the counter. 

The parcel locker has a screen which guides you through the simple process to access your parcel.  A *pop* noise will signal the opening of the relevant parcel locker and voila !! off you trot with parcel. 

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