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Did you see our Facebook cover photo?

To some the photo of a giant LOVE sign in front of a mountain will be very familiar to others it may seem unusual or random.   This fabulous LOVE sign is situated at the entrance to the biggest little town in Australia, Mullumbimby.  It sits like a welcoming smile within The Paddock Project.  

Over the last few years it has been lovely to watch this once bare cattle grazed paddock evolve into the thriving community asset it now is.  With a delicious coffee van situated next door to a flourishing rustic shop if you are ever in the Mullumbimby area a visit to source a great coffee to wander through the shop is an absolute must.

The Paddock trains and employs people with disabilities to work together and develop a range of skills and experience.  Their organic produce range is growing each week and includes seedlings which are as filled with life and vitality as their produce.   

We have a special connection to The Paddock Project as we have been fortunate enough to help with the production of garden beds with our Bransons Rural Services business.   Food production can be a challenging proposition yet vital to everyones good health. We are, after all, what we eat.  Life is enriched by having home grown produce filled with extra nutrients and vivacity yet not all of us have the resources to grow their own produce.  Local producers like The Paddock Project are becoming more important as Covid restriction lessen availability in many areas of Australia due to border restrictions and transport limitations. 

Eating what is in season and therefore available locally (whether in your own backyard or from local garden stalls such as The Paddock Project) helps to provide what our bodies require. Have you ever considered that during winter months when your body will often crave or need vitamin C for colds and flu citrus fruit is most abundant?   And in Spring glorious leafy greens such as kale, spinach's and salad leaves help to detox and alkalize our body as it comes out of a winter of heavier foods. The warmth of  summer, water-dense fruits like berries and watermelon and cucumber keep us hydrated.

Be sure to  visit to The Paddock Project to  fulfill your own 'Eat, Pray, Love' mantra ... 

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