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New habits that make me giggle..

As I get older I realise how important it is to not only giggle at your own life yet try to encourage others to break their often stern looks with a smirk.   As I venture back into middle aged fitness after some rather wayward food and drink choices over the last few months (also known as I have been getting fat..) I've been struggling to find things to laugh about whilst trying not to dry heave, have an asthma attack for the first time in my life or jump in front of a passing car instead of completing the hardship of a run.  This shit is way harder the older you get. WAY harder!     

I have done a few running events in the past and the things that stood out the most were the things that made me laugh along the way and the beer at the end.  The first event I ever did was a half marathon in Sydney which I won entry to after a few champagnes whilst facebooking.   Around 14km into the 21km event around the streets of Sydney  I saw a shirt in front of me from the 'Derek Zoolander School for Kids who can't run real good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too'  made me giggle enough to break the monotony and get straight onto facebook when I finished the event to become a member as I also couldn't run real good.  The Zoolanders are a fabulous fun group, all ridiculously good looking and even have a Z finger sign which I am yet to master..


We have been getting back into the weekly habit of parkruns, a free 5km timed run at places all over the world at the same time  we have been producing more customised shirts for family, friends and customers.  Hence my new habit and blog posts to record it. I have now started a new habit of 'new shirt for parkrun which makes me giggle'... 


The first week of this year I did a double parkrun on New Years Day. The first at Kingscliffe I revitalised an old singlet with the text 'I'm running slow to make everyone else look fast (you're welcome)'  as I managed to completly soak it with old-unfit-lady sweat I then changed into my 'Derek Zoolander' shirt for the second run up at Kirra Parkrun.  

This week it was another revitalised shirt - this time 'I hate running - I love running - I hate running - I love running' 

What should next weeks Parkrun shirt be? If you were flying past me whilst I was out running... what would make you giggle as you pass by me? 


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