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If it seems too good to be true is it always too good to be true?

I'm not ashamed to admit my Facebook memories are the first thing I check of a morning... where was I a year ago or more interestingly eleven years ago?  I always find it not only interesting yet sometimes sad and often it makes me giggle with excitement at the memories, the names and the faces. 

This week my Facebook memories has been focused around a few modifications in our business one and two years ago.  So, sit down and look back at where we have come from, where we are going and why the less than cost prices for our current Major 2022 Stock take sale are indeed good and very true.... 

An opportunity to purchase a small sticker and signage business was offered to us in June of 2017.  It seemed a fun way to engage my creativity and something to bring in additional income to our farming business.  Our main income had previously been market gardening of small crops, horticulture with a focus on chemical free, nutrient and flavour rich foods nurtured by Ian's extensive background in biological farming.  Unfortunately, a neighbors earthworks getting a bit wayward into the underground water table drained our bore and therefore we could no longer sustain the market gardens.  We still maintain a small food garden for our family plus deliver rural services to local properties including paddock slashing, forestry mulching, garden bed formation and soil nutrition consultancies. 


Our business quickly grew with the addition of a sublimation printer and heat press and we found ourselves helping many local business' with items for business branding, tourism items and local landmark souvenirs.   Sublimation opened so many new product ranges and we have dabbled in lots of them! From dog collars, towels, pillow cases, sequined items, plaques, memorial blankets, trophies, bottle openers, mugs, clothing (from hoodies to undies and everything in between) the list is far reaching as to what sublimation can print onto. 

And now, here we are again - ready to wiggle our little toes down to the hip into a new pond.  Our shiny brand new super exciting Brother GTX Direct to Garment printer is making it's way to our Mullumbimby Creek offices - hence the stocktake sale of our bits and bobs - our excess blank stock plus a few fabulous pre-printed and cut items. 

So, we thank all our customers, friends and family for their continued support of our business.  We thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring your ideas, designs and concepts to life whether on your mantelpiece, vehicles, your morning coffee mug or your undies - we've enjoyed being part of your homes, business' and gift giving.  And look forward to offering you even more options to immortalise whatever you need into 2022 and beyond. 


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