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But really... what on earth is the difference??

When it comes to custom printing...  three mystical techniques reign supreme: Direct to Garment (DTG), Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), and Sublimation Printing. Each method has its own special charm, perfect for bringing your wildest fashion dreams to life! And how awesome is it that WE DO ALL THREE !!  

First up is DTG printing, a spellbinding process where designs are woven directly into fabric using specialized inkjet magic. It's like painting a masterpiece right onto your favorite tee, ensuring every detail pops with vivid colors and mesmerizing clarity.  This method is able to be done onto 100% cotton with photographic image quality. 

Then, there's Heat Transfer Vinyl, the crafty cousin of the printing world. With a flick of the wand (or heat press), colorful vinyl designs are carefully transferred onto garments, creating durable, personalized enchantments that withstand the test of time. This is great for block type designs, simple wording etc

Last but not least, behold the wonders of Sublimation Printing! This mystical technique uses heat to infuse dye into polyester fabrics, creating ethereal prints that are as soft as a cloud and as vibrant as a rainbow. This is our favourite for polyester fabrics such as running shirts and also hard substrates such as mugs, bottles, key tags, slate, trophies etc

Whether you're seeking the spellbinding intricacies of DTG, the enduring charm of HTV, or the ethereal allure of sublimation, contact us to see how we can bring your designs to life. 

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