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Get creative today !

Since setting up A Cut Above Byron last year I've really enjoyed not only allowing myself to utilize my creative side yet also the joy allowing other people the freedom to create lasting items.   This week has been particularly rewarding assisting several new clients with orders for custom designed throw rugs.   

These rugs are my favourite to produce after I made a special one for my elderly mother recently.  My Mum has dementia.  Some days are better than others as far as her memory goes.   I chose to fill her rug with memories of family, friends and her wedding day from the 1950's.  We have had a few requests to create similar to help clients family members reminisce, remember and have those memories readily accessible always plus, as an added bonus, these rugs are seriously soo soft and light.   

Sometimes, as we get older we may fall into a pattern of same/same when it comes to daily routines and habits.   It is my belief that it is when you step out of this routine, out of your comfort zone that great things happen.  Why not pick up a crayon, a paint brush, a pencil or mouse within an art program and let your creative juices flow.....

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